Luciano Alibrandi

As an international communications leader, I help companies grow their brand awareness, build great teams, and develop people’s skills. I contributed to the growth of recognized brands such as NVIDIA, building motivated and cohesive teams, and being a dedicated company spokesperson for 20+ years.

I created ALIBRANDI Consulting in 2017 with the ultimate goal of unleashing people and companies’ untapped potential. Having spent my career with visionary leaders, great communicators, and motivating managers, I decided to share my learnings and experience with anyone who is looking to improve in any of these areas.

If you have a challenge you’re seeking to overcome, a goal you’re trying to realize, or you want to find out how great you can be, get in touch.

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20+ years of experience in communications and marketing.


Developing people’s skills is part of my DNA.


Only one measure.

Delighted customers.


Managed international teams in over 20 countries.

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