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We tackle leadership, communication, and productivity hurdles to boost your company's success with customized solutions.
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Lead with Confidence

Empower executives to master the art of leadership, enabling them to lead with confidence, clarity, and influence.

Communicate Effectively

Become a confident speaker, connect with your audience, structure your thoughts, convey ideas clearly and with impact.

Maximize Productivity

We help managers and employees optimize their time, set priorities, and unlock both individual and team full potential.

Our awesome customers

We love working with you.

Your words, our inspiration

We love working with you
Luciano's passion is infectious. 
My team and I get tremendous 
benefits from his coaching 
and positive attitude.

Guillaume Fau
CEO - The Messengers
To sum up Luciano, in a few words, it would be pragmatism, efficiency, and humor. He helps juniors and seniors to develop and thus grow a company.

Nazim Demardji
CEO - Fabriq PR
Your coaching helped us improve our leadership, communication, and collaboration skills. A big improvement for our company.
Marek Rabas
Luciano's international PR expertise helped my company to establish an effective communications organization.

Fabrice Hamaide
President - Piksel
Luciano's passion and energy are a fantastic boost for our team. 
He gets the best out of each of us.
Catalin Patrasescu
CEO - Smartpoint PR
Luciano' s advice was an effective way for us to get better branding.
He knows what our audience expects.
Carol Issa
CEO - Bell & Wyson

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